Technology of Tinvento Platform provides multinational companies and their executives with innovations and advantages in the following aspects


Cost Effective

Saving time and labour and significant reduction in costs

Monitor Global Operations

Enabling to keep track of the tax and financial positions of the group companies all over the world

Better Outcome

Automating manual processes and minimizing errors

Assistant For Executives

Enabling to follow and analyse business performance of companies by financial and tax executives including senior management


Library Of Your Business

Ensuring that documentation and reporting are prepared as required by law

Compliance Management

Easily monitoring compliance with legal obligations and elimination of delays

One Stop Shopping

Allowing to manage and monitor the internal financial and tax activities from a single platform

Data Ready To Use

Providing tax executives with an instant access to companies’ financial and tax data based on the commercial activities

Control Risks

Identifying risky issues in order to increase financial performance of companies

Measure Company Performances

Enabling to measure company performance based on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data and to present it in an intelligent and understandable way
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High end solutions for finance, tax, transfer pricing, CbCR, intra group services and documentation needs of multinationals.


Once you define, it is easy to track, monitor and navigate each group entity in your group. You can enter your target ratios and actual ratios and manage and control your group’s tax and transfer pricing risk. It is also possible to navigate your group’s operations with the maps integrated into Tinvento Platform. Data entry and sharing are also made easy. Transfer pricing real time adjustment ratios and amounts are constantly calculated by considering transfer pricing policy. You can also create and manage fully compliant OECD CbCR XML Files. Another sophisticated capability of Tinvento Platform is to uncomplicatedly calculate the cost allocations of intra-group services provided by the headquarter to the country entities.
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You can avoid excel-based data collection and analysis from a large number of companies and countries and automate all data collection and conversion process with a simple click. Tinvento Platform saves your time and effort by making possible all process automated. You need manual collection of data and try to convert it into smart way. Tinvento Platform does this on behalf of you.
Primary purpose of a company’s ERP system is to automate business processes in order to make the business more efficient. In order to get the benefits of ERP systems, businesses also need to integrate their ERP system with their other enterprise systems which can be often difficult. Tinvento Platform can be integrated with your ERP system (e.g. SAP) on a project basis. We develop new features to make Tinvento Platform to fully comply with your own system. This means Tinvento Platform has no borders to make your business more efficient.
You can monitor your subsidiaries and easily track whether your managers provided data as a draft or final, or not. You can constantly get notifications when the templates are ready and see the financial and tax status of your subsidiaries in a list or on a live map. Within seconds, you can also access all entities’ financial, tax and transfer pricing outcomes with the advanced comparison tools built in Tinvento Platform. Monitoring your global business has never been easier with the simple tracking options of five different modules on Tinvento Platform.
Compliance is a rising issue for all multinationals. With the help of technology brought by Tinvento Platform, your multinational group will stay compliant in all countries. This will also help you not to face with severe tax penalties. Transfer pricing and CbCR compliance could be also managed by Tinvento Platform where smart tools are ready to use for your entities.
You can authorise financial managers of your subsidiaries to enter data to Tinvento Platform online. Within our simple interface, users can easily add data, choose predetermined options from drop-down menus or checkboxes. Also, users can prepare templates in excel form and import them into Tinvento Platform with one click. It is also quite easy to convert any data into smart charts and graphics with the advanced dashboards.
Consolidate all the data of your subsidiaries and analyse them in seconds! Tinvento Platform has great data visualization tools. It helps you to create powerful reports, compare your entities financial information over years with graphical representation. Within our tools, you can easily choose which ratios you want to calculate and visualize. It includes map views, scatter diagrams with trendlines, bar charts and pie charts. Choose ratios, countries, regions, years, entities from drop-down menus and checkboxes, click “Show Results” button, and Tinvento Platform will do the rest! Even you can see all possible calculations together with full report option.
You can easily import and export your data and dashboard results into excel, PDF format. If something gets wrong, don’t worry! You can save your data as a draft and manipulate them in the software, export them as an excel table, manipulate them and add again. In addition, you can export your analyses partly or as a whole in PDF documents and your consolidated tables in Excel format are ready with one click!


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