CbCR Manager

CbCR Manager was developed to help Multinational Enterprises (“MNEs”) to comply with Country-by-Country Reporting requirements imposed by tax authorities. Within this module, financial and tax managers of subsidiaries within a MNEs Group can import CbCR tables into the software, or prepare CbCR tables in the software. MNEs can follow the status of their subsidiaries, whether they add the relevant data or not. 

After the data collection is completed, MNEs can export CbCR tables and report them to relevant tax authorities, and analyse CbCR data according to regions, countries, entities, years to see potential risks of their groups. Analyses include revenue ratios, employees’ ratios, Profit-before-Tax ratios, earnings ratios and activity ratios. Within data visualisation tool in the module, ratios can be viewed as bar charts depending on the appropriate ratio.


CbCR Manager provides different solutions and works on four sub-modules of;

  • CbCR Questionnaire-Data Collection
  • CbCR Controller
  • CbCR Tracking 
  • CbCR Risk Analyser 

CbCR Manager ensures that multinational groups with CbCR obligations can able to collect all CbCR data from all operational countries by organizing in a single-hand and automatic manner and file CbCR in the headquarter country to the tax authorities including analysing the impact of CbCR filing in terms of tax audit risks in the respected countries.


Through the solutions of CbCR Manager, you can;

  • Easily track your subsidiaries’ CbCR status, 
  • Prepare CbCR tables on a country-by-country basis and aggregate them
  • Convert CbCR tables into OECD’s XML format
  • Export CbCR tables and report them to relevant tax authorities, 
  • Analyse CbCR data with data visualisation tools
  • Evaluate potential CbCR risks and understand tax audit risk based on the CbCR data

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