Finance and Tax Manager

Finance and Tax Manager Module is capable of collecting financial information of your subsidiaries. It was developed to consolidate specific IFRS based financial tables of your group companies. Within this module, financial and tax managers of subsidiaries import IFRS tables into the software or prepare them by the help of the software. 

IFRS tables include balance sheet, income statement, cash-flow statement and changes in equity statement. After subsidiaries upload their financial tables, you can analyse the financial data with data visualization tools in the modules of Finance and Tax Manager. 

Analyses include liquidity ratios, activity ratios, returns ratios, leveraging ratios, profitability ratios and cash flow ratios. You can easily calculate and visualize these ratios and use them in your reports with exporting options. Thus, comprehensive use of ratios is included to help you to prepare reports for your all stakeholders including creditors and shareholders.

It monitors the financial and tax positions of multinational companies conducting business all over the world and provides the user to compare the financial ratios and main taxes and other taxes accrued and paid, such as corporate tax, VAT, withholding tax, advance tax, including the automatic calculation of the overall tax burden of the group and effective tax burden of group companies per region, country and company.


Finance and Tax Manager Module includes four different sub-modules:

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Company Figures Dashboard
  • Tax Analysis Dashboard
  • Tax Return Tracking Dashboard

Within Finance and Tax Manager Module, you can;

  • Easily track your subsidiaries’ financial and tax status
  • Consolidate IFRS tables in seconds with data visualisation tools
  • Make analysis of your group’s financial and tax results on region, country and company basis including periodical changes (monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly)
  • Export tables and graphs to use in your reports

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