Tinvento: Tax Management Solutions for Finance and Tax Executives

Why multinationals need tax technology solutions?

Senior tax executives lack technology tools to make strategic decisions

We believe that most of the high level exevutives of MNEs have not yet had a software developed in-house and allowing real-time monitoring of their entire operation. This kind of software will make a serious contribution to the strategic decision-making of senior executives and make their daily work easier.

Manually executed processes
cause errors

Excel-based data collection and analysis from a large number of companies and/or countries result in time consuming and operational cost for multinational companies. In addition, different accounting rules and application differences lead to significant errors. As a consequence of minimization of such errors through the software, top management of multinationals will be, as much as possible, able minimise to misevaluate the commercial positions of the related companies in their multinational groups.

Increased compliance obligations at the international level

A number of obligations imposed on tax issues in recent years by the OECD and G-20 countries have led many multinational companies to seek tax- technology based solutions. For example, the requirement of Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) filing obligation in the 80 countries increased the need for such software.

Facing heavy workload

Collecting and analysing the financial and tax data of a large number of companies in a multinational group is carried out by manual processes. This creates a lot of workload for companies and their managers. Therefore, it will be possible for tax managers to achieve a significant reduction in the workload with the help of software and be possible for the multinational companies to shorten everlasting processes and collect data and monitor operational outcomes in a short time. Also, CFOs, tax directors, financial and tax executives are potential users of our software platform as nowadays they need such solutions more than other executives of multinationals.

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