Tinvento: Higly Advanced

Tax Management Platform

Tinvento provides a holistic solution for tax issues through the software platform developed. The modules in Tinvento contain significant solutions for other tax issues, such as transfer pricing, CbCR and intra-group services.


Tinvento has also a distinctive aspect which allows for integration with ERP systems of multinationals. We handle integration of Tinvento on a project basis. Our software platform is truly different from its peers and provides more benefits than its competitors because it meets more needs of multinationals.


Tinvento, a software platform, provides solutions for the companies active not only in a given country, but also over the world. Especially multinational companies, which hold more than 60% of the world trade, constitute the main group that may benefit advanced technology solutions of Tinvento.


We believe that multinational companies need more for such tax technologies, especially due to the fact that legal requirements which were enforced in OECD and G-20 countries.


Accordingly, groups with a large number of companies in a given country, even if they do not have overseas entities, are also among the potential users of our software platform.

One of the most powerful aspect of Tinvento is to make the data collection much easier. Normally, multinational companies use excel sheets with time-consuming process. Tinvento included ready-in-use templates to easily collect data from all operational companies within a multinational group. It is also easier to enter respected data through the screens integrated into Tinvento Platform. Tinvento also provides the user options for import and export of prepared templates from and into the platform and makes all data collection process harmonised. In this sense, the managers of subsidiaries can access templates and fill in the required template whenever they want and managers at the headquarter can navigate the collected data wherever they are. They can monitor the updated data, as well if any changes are made by the country managers.

The managers at the headquarter can convert the collected data from the subsidiaries into smart charts with the dashboards on Tinvento Platform. There are multiple options in each modules of Tinvento Platform and thus, any authorised manager could select data options built in each Tinvento module and see the results from the regions, countries, subsidiaries, operations and transactions within seconds. Chart-view and list-view show what actually is happing in your business over the world. The dashboards on Tinvento Platform mainly aim high-level executives to readily understand the complex financial results and help them to take better strategic business decisions with the compared data over the years.

You are in control of how you track your business processes. Easy-to-use dashboards of Tinvento Platform let you tailor business processes to meet your specific needs. Tinvento Platform also ensures you the business activities are going on as you planned. With the advanced sub-modules on Tinvento Platform, processing and review of business activities from anywhere in the world are much easier. The platform converts data into smart ways and lets end-users to monitor data from internal or external sources while ensuring a comprehensive monitoring is maintained at the headquarters.

Tinvento Platform is tailored to help finance and tax managers, especially at the headquarters level, minimize tax exposure risks of multinational group related to local taxes, transfer pricing and CbCR while keeping their tax administration effective and manageable. Our practical approach allows you to analyse your business and operational model with further customization for regional, country-based and entity based. Tinvento Platform provides the high-level management tools to efficiently analyse the entities in your group and assists them with financial, tax, transfer pricing, CbCR and intra-group services planning, risk management and control for those areas.

Tinvento Platform offers you a unique technology that brings finance, tax, Transfer Pricing and CbCR together. It is a web application which enables your global organization collaborates and reports online. Also, you can convert your analysis based on the dashboards into PDF and Excel format. CbCR reporting is also much easier with Tinvento Platform where CbCR Manager makes it easy for reporting companies to generate Country-by-Country Reports in OECD’s XML format. Accordingly, you can easily download the CbCR file into your desktop and file it through the website of respected tax authority.

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