Transfer Pricing Manager

Transfer Pricing (TP) Manager Module is a great way to analyse inter-company transactions in your multinational group. It is specifically designed to compare actual profitability from a transaction with external benchmarking studies. Within the module, you can list all inter-company transactions, define functional characterisation of the tested party, choose a transfer pricing method and a profit level indicator for the respected related party transaction. 

You can also manually add arm’s length profitability range extracted from an external benchmarking study and set a target profitability ratio accordingly. After you fill these information, Transfer Pricing  Manager can calculate actual profitability ratio for the tested party, compare it with the target ratio, and show whether you will need to make an adjustment for that transaction. Thanks to this module, you can automate adjustment calculations for your group companies and track intercompany transactions easily.


Transfer Pricing Manager works on the two sub-modules:

  • TP Controller Dashboard
  • TP Documentation Tracking Dashboard

This module allows transfer pricing managers of MNEs to monitor appropriateness of transfer pricing policies of the group at the company level and analyse the adjustment level of transfer prices in terms related party transactions of group companies. It will also track readiness of transfer pricing documentation such as master file, local file, CbCR and benchmarking studies. In addition to three-tiered documentation, you can monitor whether the subsidiaries prepared their local files, CbCR notifications and delivered to the authorities as well.


Within Transfer Pricing Module, you can;

  • Monitor intercompany transactions
  • List all intercompany transactions
  • Add external benchmarking results and compare with actual results
  • Compare the target and actual profitability of group companies
  • Calculate adjustment ratios and amounts for intercompany transactions

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